miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2008

“Gem of a hotel”

Leído en Trip Advisor:

My wife and I stayed at this hotel for 8 days in August. We could have stayed forever. We have traveled all over the world and have stayed at many hotels but this in one of only two where I could have happily taken up residence. It is not only that it is a beautiful historic building. Every Parador falls in this category. And I am a fan of Paradores. Everything from the bedding to the bathroom fittings in the Pampinot is the most expensive that money can buy. The service, reception and the quality of staff are exemplary. So different from most chain hotels. The rooms are large and well furnished and make most suites in international hotels look like boarding house accommodation. Because of my late booking we had to move rooms and suites.
As other reviewers have said; a most romantic getaway. If you only stay one night you will regret it. I went away thinking that the owners of this hotel must run it as a hobby. They cannot run it for the sake of profit. I must find out where they get their coffee from.

The hotel does not have a restaurant. There is one next door; the Sebastian. Although recommended, and featured on the hotel site, it is not my choice. I prefer the Michelin starred Alameda, 10 min walk from the hotel, or a restaurant beginning with K on Alonso Kales or Itsarargi Kales at the end of the Port. The hotel knows the restaurant.
The Alameda is dearer than the Sebastian, but worth the money. The other one is about the same in price.

G. C.

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