viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2007

The Times: 50 best travel websites of 2007

1. - A site that learns your tastes and recommends hotels and restaurants - read the review

2. TripAdvisor Traveller Network - The hotel review site dabbles with social networking. Ginny McGrath is impressed - read the review

3. - A travel community website that's launching airline reviews - read the review

4. - Another networking site in travel but one that shows big promise. And it's UK-based too

5. - Exotic tastes and homesick cravings are catered for with this community 'shop and swap' site - read the review

6. - If you like to meticulously plan and record your journeys, this is an attractive and free place to do it

7. - The world’s biggest travel community, with more than 8m members, this was its big year to date


8. - If you've got the time to sift through the garbage, there's some gems among these travel podcasts - read the review

9. - A site dedicated to hosting travel videos is a good place to start your trip planning - read the review

10. - A minnow in the travel blogosphere, but a good example of how it should be done - read the review

11. - Misadventures on the high seas with this alternative cruising website - read the review

12. - the most useful list of travel-related blogs around?


13. - Pedantic travel planners will love this site, which customises a travel itinerary and has some useful tools - read the review

14. - A great tool for travel bargain hunters, although a bit too much of a US bias - read the review

15. - A general travel but natty US site that has launched here - with a new hotel review facility - read the review

16. - An unglamorous subject, but this is a flashy website selling coach trips - read the review

17. - The latest contender to be the Holy Grail of flight websites is put through its paces - read the review

18. - A new kid on the wintersports scene this winter, but we know the Ed and he knows his snow

19. - An elite travel agency has launched a holidays website for the non-members - read the review

20. - From nowhere to everyone's favourite top-breaks-with-ideas-and-style site

21. - A shocking pink website with a good dose of Gallic humour, which will appeal to backpackers and surfers in France - read the review

22. - The goliath of travel added a new function, a B&B search - read the review

23. STATravelTools - A clock that counts down to your holiday is among the free widgets to add to your blog or desktop with this site - read the review


24. - Mark Frary praises the new look site, with new functions that are 'a leap forward' - read the review

25. - A site that makes car hire charges more transparent can only be good news - read the review

26. - Another comparison site, and this one does what it says on the tin, comparing airport parking prices with reviews

27. - good new site comparing car rental prices

28. TravelTurtle - A new travel health website that covers jabs, bugs and drugs - read the review

29. - If you want to walk New York, this is the site - read the review


30. Itravelishop - An excellent shopping guide and hotel review site we use regularly

31. - One of the original style hotel sites goes from strength to strength, adding an Argentina section this winter

32. - A minnow of a site about Italian B&Bs, but we're won over by its cute design and fun, informative chat - read the review

33. - an excellent urban travel site. Probably the best city style guide on the web

34. - There's a few teething troubles with this young site, but the idea is sound - read the review

35. - Ginny McGrath finds some help with that eternal search for the right hotel - read the review

36. - Views of your fellow travellers of hostels on this handy, simple and effective site. Very useful

37. - A new site in 2007 for this hugely growing sector of travel, youth hostels

38. BabyFriendlyBoltholes- There are other family travel advice sites but this was the freshest and most useful to emerge in 2007

39. - A slick and intuitive site which has everything to plan a chic weekend break in Wales - read the review


40. - Ginny McGrath recommends an encyclopedic site that's highly addictive - read the review

41. - Eye candy, great fun, stunning images - recent features have been on a Swiss ski chalet and best outdoor hotel pools

42. Google Maps - A new feature offers street level views of US cities and is causing a stir among bloggers - read the review

43. An attractive design, and a site that backs up style with substance - read the review

44. - A passionate listing of the country's finest historic pubs - read the review

45. - A bit of fun, but be warned, this site can get very competitive - read the review


46. - Another social networking site in travel which claims it will have 100 experts. Promising start

47. - The US-site site has spun off a British version and is looking for an editor. Bright prospects

48. - There will be a host of travel writing sites launching in 2008. This, from Jack Barker, is one of them

49. - The travel writing, hotel review and booking site has a new editor and is about to get a huge facelift

50. - Just launched: a new social networking site from one of the best independent travel magazines in the UK

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